Thursday, 6 March 2014

DDOS Attack on Meetup

After a rocky week spent recovering from a massive attack by a hacker extortionist, the popular meetup organizing website Meetup is back to normal.
And Meetup co-founder and CEO Scott Heiferman is assuring users no personal data was accessed or stolen in the attack.
That should come as good news to consumers, who are an increasing number of apologetic emails from businesses ranging from Adobe to Target telling them that personal data including passwords and even credit card info has been compromised. It’s getting to be such a regular occurrence that the credit monitoring agencies must be seeing their business skyrocket.
In a message to Meetup users, Heiferman wrote:  ”You may have had trouble accessing Meetup in the past week, and you may have heard that we were hit by a massive attack on our servers — a DDoS attack, which is a barrage of traffic intended to make services unavailable.
“I’m happy to report that Meetup is up and running! And no personal data was accessed or stolen.”
Heiferman said it “was amazing to see how many people were rooting for Meetup.

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