Sunday, 15 December 2013

How to Find Your WiFi Password when You Forgot It

If you forget your wifi password and want to know your password then use following steps.
download this software and run it it will find all stored wifi passwords.
Using cmd:
1.Type"ipconfig" using the cursor.
  1. Type"ipconfig" using the cursor.

  2. Hit Enter. On your screen, you will see a series of names and numbers. Look for the line that says Default Gateway. Write down the number that you see next to Default Gateway, including the periods between the numbers (e.g., 912.982.1.5. When you're done, exit the box.

  3. Navigate to Google or another search engine. In the address bar, type in the number that you just wrote down.

  4. Hit Enter. You will see another screen that has fields to enter your username and password. The username is "admin", and the password is either "admin" or "1234" or "password". Enter that information into the appropriate fields.

  5. Click the "Log In" button.
  6. Go to the Wireless tab on the website that pops up. If you scroll down, you should find something called password. Write down your password and put it in a safe place in case you forget it again.

Find Your WiFi Password on Your PC in Windows

Find the wireless icon in the System Tray next to the clock. Click on the icon, which is usually next to the clock, and then right-click your connection.

Retrieve your password. The instructions will vary depending on what version of Windows you are running.
  • Windows 7/8: Select Properties and then check the Show Characters box. Doing this will display the password.
  • Windows Vista: Select either Connect or Disconnect. Then, select Properties, check the box next to Show Characters and retrieve your password.
  • Windows XP: You will need to download WirelessKeyView


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